Increasing community engagement in the arts.
Lynne's first public art sculptures were exhibited in a sculpture trail in the summer of 2021 and since then Lynne has created 26 sculptures for various sculpture trails across the UK raised over £50,000.00 for a variety of worthwhile causes. 
“What characterises this new public art is engagement and participation. The walls between the elite who produce art and those who observe it are disappearing, and art has broken out. This kind of art is not something you choose to go and visit, it goes to make itself an audience.”
Demos Institute (Britain’s leading cross-party think-tank)
Follow the links below to find out more and get trail maps! 
One giant OX for the 'Ox Trail' in Oxford 
One giant Tortoise for the 'Short Tail Trail' in Luton
One giant Castle for 'Castles in the Sky' Sculpture Trail in Swansea, Wales
One giant Lighthouse for 'Light The South' Sculpture Trail in Southampton
One giant Barrel for 'The Burton Barrel Roll' Burton, Staffordshire
Two Elephant sculptures for 'March of the Elephants' Sculpture Trail in Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield
A giant Mondrian Morph for Amazing Morph Sculpture Trail, Outside Tate Modern, London
One giant sheep for Shaun on the Tyne Sculpture Trail, Newcastle 
Five mini 'Shaun's A Wanna-Bee' Sculptures for Opencast Software
One giant bear for the Bear Hunt Trail, Leeds
Two carousel horses for Big Burton Carousel Burton Staffordshire 
Two giant bees for North Notts Nectar Trail
One giant dolphin for The Big Splash, Sculpture Trail on the Isle of Man
One giant owl for The Big Hoot, Sculpture Trail, Ipswich
One giant cat for Owl and Pussy Cat Trail, Knowsley
One giant puffin for Puffins Galore Sculpture Trail, East Yorkshire

Two giant rams for Derby
One giant rocket for Leicester
One giant elephant for Worcester 
'Play' Sculpture Is Now The Derby Kids Camp Mascot!
My Ram sculpture 'Play' is now the mascot for Derby Kids’ Camp which is an entirely volunteer-run charity which provides free holidays for over 300 of Derbyshire’s most deserving children each year.
These children face huge challenges in their day-to-day lives: from poverty to bereavement; social interaction difficulties and the challenges of being a young carer. Their week at Derby Kids’ Camp gives them the chance to try out new activities, explore new surroundings, make new friends – and more importantly, enjoy being a kid!
Lynne giving free guided tours of sculpture trail for local groups
Lynne giving free guided tours of sculpture trail for local groups
Lynne repairing all the Ram sculptures on the streets of Derby!
Lynne repairing all the Ram sculptures on the streets of Derby!
Ram Volunteers!
Ram Volunteers!

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